Tuesday, September 21, 2004

So, what a whirlwind these past few days!

House Blessing was a success..managed to keep Sean away from Fr. David long enough to have a good little talk with him about his upcoming activities (saving the world one person without a lawyer at a time!) and got to hold the candle as Fr. blessed every room and everyone in the house (including the garage and the "farm" as he called our beloved pets).

I had a fabbboooolus time at Haylz's Wine & Cheese Bash (yes, even without drinking!). Even the people who drank refrained from getting sloppy drunk - it was all very socially responsible and enjoyable! Hayley is a great hostess, and she made sure that everyone had food and a beverage...Plus, I got to catch up with Erin and Erica (and Richard) - second time in just about a month - that's pretty darn good!

Then, on Monday, I found out that I can go ahead and put my eggs all together in that one basket...'cause babee, I'm gonna be a librarian! Well, after I finish what I start :)

And that's all the news from my world!

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