Monday, May 24, 2004

Kay, so I've been bad at posting...I'll probably still be bad at it for a while, but at least I'm writing something today.

Okay, first of all, a big, urm, what's the new, cool term for "shout-out," well, one of those, to MARIE who turned the bit 2-4 and had a fantabulous get together for her friends. Thank you ever so much for inviting me. The food was yummy, but the company was even better :)

Hey, Irene's an alum like the rest of us! Yeeaahhh, she's joined the club of people who can now answer the question, "So, what grade are you in?" proudly with, "I'm a CAL GRAD, BABEE!"

Back in my obsession-less life (Mama, you know what I mean), and it's trucking along. See, I'm much better actually IN a relationship (or a crush, or a mini-relationship) or totally out of one than in that weird freaking out about nothing stage. Yuck. I think I am FINALLY over THAT one FOR GOOD. (that called for caps!).'s not so much giving in, or giving up, as it is stopping the anxious waiting. I can plan my life for ME and not worry about what may come along in a month or year. Granted, I know that I won't be happy in the long run without a husband and, God willing, children, but I can plan and live my life without constantly wondering when they're going to come along. They'll come when they're ready, or, more accurately, when God's ready.

And Mommy, bands are kind of cool, when you think about it...:)

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