Thursday, April 15, 2004

Weeelllll...after a self-induced (and Lent inspired) break from seeking romance in my life (except for one little side track that turned into nothing but a remembrance of things past anyway), I'm baaaaaccckkk.

That doesn't necessarily mean anything. It's not like I'm puttin' my sign back out, and all the guys can come a'knockin'. Instead, it means that I'm starting to think about this again.

Questions to consider:
* How "seriously" do I want to take this gettin' back on the lurve train?
*Do I want to fork over the big bucks for an e-harmony membership? Based on what I saw of the e-harmony segment on Average Joe: Adam Returns, that's not necessarily the best choice for me. For now, I think I'll not spend my hard-earned (or the money I'll start to earn on Monday) on that sort of thing.
* What would it mean to take things in my own hands? You know what, it doesn't matter. I'm not going to...having spent the last 2 months (approx) really giving this very little thought at all, I think that's the plan I'm going to stick with for now. Are you listening, God? I'm leaving up to You this time! I promise, no taking it away. It's up to You. You got this one?

On a totally different note: I got invited to a wedding! Well, I got the "save the date" notice in the mail! So, I'll be travelling to So-Cal 4th of July Weekend...anyone want to make it a roadtrip (whoever comes and isn't coming to the wedding could just go party somewhere on the night of the's a Saturday..come on, you know you want to...).

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