Friday, March 12, 2004

It's "early days" in the gardening season (jeez, I sound so old!), but I got out in the yard today and had some fun with the rose bushes. My "thought it was going to die, but somehow it keeps living," rose bush is growing all over the place. It now has a great new accessory - instead of the twine I couldn't find, I pulled back the overgrown parts with a pretty velvet ribbon. Quite nice. Maybe that will give the small bush an ego boost! The other one is so tough and wild that I have had to cut off entire branches at a time. My little one had only one good branch at the end of the season last year, so I'm glad to see it nice and fresh and green.

That's all...just a little update on rose bushes. I like to garden. I get to use my body, see the dogs, and make a contribution to our family's little plot of land. Workin' the family land, isn't that the American Dream?

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