Thursday, February 26, 2004

Well. A packed house at church last night, and I imagine that the theater will be just as crowded Saturday for the Mel Gibson flick.

Three articles in the newspaper today talked about how American's are lazy and fat and don't know how to eat right. While I agree that this has to be true in some part, I have to ask why the researchers aren't measuring the people who crowd the gym every night.

Each evening the gym is PACKED with people running, playing basketball, biking, lifting weights, swimming, doing aerobics, etc. Unless these people go home and stuff three big macs down their throats, I'm pretty sure that they're not in the group of so-called "Americans" who are so fat and's a scare tactic. We're being warned that if we don't lose weight we'll get cancer (new studies suggest a link to obesity and breast cancer), we'll get diabetes, have heartaches and die young.

I don't believe it, and I'm tired of hearing about how fat and lazy we all are. I get guilt trips on Sunday at Mass, and that I can handle (to a degree), but stop telling me that all Americans are lazy and fat. Every family I know makes an effort to exercise and eat get over it already, we're trying our best!

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