Thursday, February 12, 2004

So, I read something today about a person who is a "Native New Yorker" but has lived in South Africa for nearly forty years. Okay, so I'm a "Native Hawaiian" but have lived in California for over twenty.

What does it really mean to be a native anything?

I can't "technically" subscribe to the Native Hawaiian moniker, because that implies that I am a Pacific Islander...of a tribe native to the Hawaiian Islands.

Native New Yorker, on the other hand, brings up images of loud people with distinct accents who like the Yankees and don't bother hating the Red Sox, because as everyone knows, the Yankees are never the underdog.

A Native Californian is one of the people on the "I am California" commercials, right? People ranging from surfers to farmers to a little girl who smiles adorably into the camera.

But when does that "Native" moniker mean anything? I've lived here (California) long enough to be considered a resident and pay in-state tuition and public universities. I vote here. Native Hawaiian doesn't give me much. I wouldn't automatically qualify for in-state tuition. I would have to earn my residency. I can't get scholarships based on it...and telling people that I'm a "Native Hawaiian" would just confuse them.

Hmm, in my biography, it'll probably say:

Sarah, born in Hawaii in raised in California... rather than Sarah, a native Hawaiian.

Just my musings...

p.s. a warm "shout-out" to my beloved "shut-ins," Mama and Daddy who aren't feeling too well today...Daddy took a sick day out of his 1100 hours + sick leave...and Mama has to take care of Daddy, who is not very good at the whole sick thang. Have a great day! Watch movies! Read a book! Sleep! Smile! I love you!

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