Thursday, February 19, 2004

I haven't had a "why I'm still single" posting in a while.

You know what...I'm sort of afraid to see what guy I date next. Given my history, and their nicknames (courtesy of my gatekeeper, Jessica):

The Jerk, Goat Boy (aka Jerk II), The Coward, That Internet Guy, and The Stalker.

Granted, there have been a few more, unworthy of nicknames, interspersed here and there, and the last one lasted like a week (longer in his mind, hence the nickname), but I am a little nervous about who I will next deem worthy to date me. Based on my history, I must not have very high standards.

The truth is, I have lower standards for a first date than I do for a second...a third...follow the trend. The higher the number of dates, the smaller the pool. I probably had the most dates with Goat Boy and the Coward, and considering everything else, they certainly were the only ones who should have gotten through to the next level.

Still and all, I'm not making a huge effort to date someone new, because, my lord, why would I want to add another link to that ungainly chain?

I tell everyone what I want. I set my own standards...and then I convince myself that I'm being petty and go against the standards. Not next time. Even if that means waiting a few months (or longer).

Patience certainly has it's upsides, and I'd rather the next guy not HAVE to get a nickname from my friends. He'll be decent, and they'll want to actually call him by his given name. That would be a nice change.

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