Monday, January 12, 2004

On being a third wheel.

I have developed what I hope is a knack for talking to boyfriends/fiances/husbands/dates-of-the-week. I haven't had to learn how to talk to the significant others of my guy friends, mostly because they don't have significant others...hmm.

Anyway, as I don't have a boyfriend (duh, really?) and am frequently the only one in the group with this problem, I have developed a new rule. I will not go to any social function at which will be present COUPLES, without having a date of my own. It's no complaint against the couples themselves, but I am frankly getting tired of being the one who gets pushed off the dance floor...pawned off on someone pining after someone else...or just cornered into a conversation about why I don't have a boyfriend.

While I dearly love all of my friends, I do not cherish the moments when we discuss the vacant chair beside me. I am not proud of my status of a singleton. I'm not Samantha or even Carrie! I'm Charlotte (at least as far as this is concerned), and I need a man (whether he's a kind-hearted Harry or a slightly ditzy Trey, I don't much care at this point). Heck, even Miranda got married!!

Back to the point (sorry).

Three-wheeled vehicles are awkward, unless they are wheelbarrows, in which case you need to be really strong and concentrated in order to operate the darn thing. Odd examples aside, the third wheel doesn't belong or can't contribute without that partner, the fourth wheel.

I'm tired of being the "single friend," or the one who "needs a boyfriend." It's true, I do. I want one, too...but I refuse to continue to call attention to myself as the girl who:

Can't flirt
Can't hear in a club
Can't stand being such an obvious third wheel

In other news, I got to do the "White Tango," or, as Kyle said, "let's file that away as painfully white and move on" at the party on Saturday, and it was great fun to lose myself to the music and a "Will..."

Here's to my (late in the) New Year resolution: Not going to parties without a companion, be it a best friend who won't leave my side or my very own date.

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