Friday, October 03, 2003

I ran across an article today, and I had to respond.

I am tired of reading and otherwise hearing about what men don't like about women.
Articles like these imply that women should always be the ones to change in a relationship.
I especially object to the comment about women "letting themselves go."
I may be naive about love, but I believe that relationships should be the most honest,
safe places that we have. Women should not feel pressured to constantly wear makeup,
curl their hair (or straighten it) and "seduce" their men.

Men certainly exhibit none of these tendencies. They wear their rattiest t-shirts to bed,
schlep around the just-vacuumed rug with mud-caked boots and otherwise
behave like neandrathals.

Certainly women complain, I'm not disputing that, but women also
accept men, to some degree, as they come.

We know that they won't always wear their best button-up to dinner and that their
"dress shoes" might be the same pair they've had since high school, but we love them
and cherish them anyway. Is it asking too much for men to feel the same?

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